Basic Principles of the Universe and Beyond

In our many subjects that we have discussed here in some depth, there are inherent basic principles that are sacrosanct in your physical universe, the dream universe, the universe of anti matter, all other universes, fields, planes and dimensions, and they are innumerable and as valid as yours. All universes are not all the same obviously but for that matter, many worlds are not the same in your own cozy little universe either. So I can talk about these basic principles and how they fit into the overall scheme of things without fear of some alien intelligence challenging my statements. (Smiling).

I have wanted to talk about these universal principles for some time and now is as good a time as every to give you some background that will hopefully make it easier to understand some of the material we will discuss here. The order of discussion is not important here, in other words, all fo these principles discussed here are equally important, but I speak of them as they come to mind. You might wonder why this knowledge is important to you, and I wouldn’t blame you a bit for asking, because truth is that you can live your life quite satisfactorily without intimate knowledge of the inner working of your world and universe. The important aspects about your reality operate automatically, whether you know of their existence or not, but there are some important aspects that can help you enlarge your scope of perception and increase the quality of your personal life.

Also, there comes a time in the evolution of all consciousness when progression through lives brings about this knowledge whether you actively seek it or not. The knowledge and information we discuss in these articles, will be common knowledge in years to come, so in that respect, you are ahead of the game. Reincarnation will be universally accepted, the existence of the soul as a meaningful, purposeful, intelligent entity, closely involved with its personalities development will be understood.

Since your dream universe is the closest example that you can use as a comparison for this discussion, I will using analogies with your dreaming state in some of these discussions. The universe of anti matter is also close to you in terms of actualisation and distance but is basically out of reach to you and will basically always be out of reach even though a part of your identity resides there. In rather simple terms, it exists on the other side of the dream universe and remains inaccessible. I wanted to touch on these six basic attributes of ALL UNIVERSES, not so much university of south australia to tell you what “IS”, but to acquaint you with what “ISN’T” relative to your own universe. Some of the principles that you consider real are only real in your world, and some times, not even real in other realities in your own universe.

Inter-Universal Adaptability; The principles that fit into this category are applicable and apply to all universes, fields, planes, dimensions and all worlds contained therein, both physically materialized and non-physical. They have and share either some or all of the characteristics that when applied to one, will apply to all. This implies that there are some characteristics that apply to your world that you may assume are universal when viewing them from your world’s platform of experience, but are not universal. Fortunately because of the existence of your dream universe, I have a leg to stand on here in furthering my explanations and the analogies that I use will apply…

So let me simplify this somewhat by saying that in using the dream universe as an example, maybe I can make my points, since what are common characteristics between the dream universe and your physical universe, will also hold for all other universes. Obviously, your universe is physically materialized and the dream universe, although it shares some of the characteristics of a physical universe, it is by no means a thick, rigid or continuous as yours, but it is materialized through the use of atomic structure and the manipulation of molecules, although not to the same degree in mass. Let me give some examples of Universal Rules and how they apply, but keep in mind that these are only a few of the universal principles and we will discuss others in due time.

1. Locomotion or Motion of Self; Getting around is an important aspect of all universes. You walk, run, jump or creep in the physical universe and you do all of this and more in the dream universe, including flying on occasion, so locomotion or movement through space of one form or another is a commonality in all worlds in all universes. Locomotion or movement of self IS a basic universal principle.

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