Low Progesterone and Fertility – 5 Natural Options

All too often infertility is caused by a simple hormonal imbalance that thankfully can be easily corrected. Progesterone is a hormone that plays a huge role in not only conception, but also in the success of the pregnancy. This particular hormone is responsible for several actions before, during, and after the pregnancy, and is essential to the survival of the embryo. An imbalance of this hormone has the potential to cause severe repercussions in the form of repeated failed attempts at conception and several miscarriages. As well as other non fertility related issues such as prevention of certain cancers, conversion of fat to energy, and it plays a role in bone formation.

The good news is there are several ways to correct a Progesterone imbalance, the first step is finding out if progesterone is the problem. You can do this by visiting your doctor, or you can buy an at home saliva test kit Butt enhancement . If in fact progesterone is the problem it is best to try and correct it using natural creams and drops as synthetic progesterone has been shown to cause a lot of health issues down the road. There are several herbs that have been shown effective at increasing, or stabilizing, the production of progesterone in the body. Let’s talk about a few.

Progesterone Creams or Drops
The first is obviously natural progesterone itself. There are creams available that are rubbed on the skin; after the progesterone cream is rubbed on the skin it is stored in the fatty tissue. The sublingual drops are, in this author’s opinion, far safer and more effective than the cream. Because the drops are placed under the tongue there is no fear of overdosing due to stored up amounts of progesterone in the fatty tissue, and the sublingual drops are not processed by the liver or kidneys. Also, the drops are much cheaper to buy, which is always a plus!!

Another good choice is Vitex. Vitex does not directly create progesterone, however, it supports the body’s ability to make and maintain a healthy balance of progesterone and estrogen. It does this by supporting the endocrine system, which is responsible for hormonal balance. Vitex is a great herb for fertility and it has proven itself in several tests and studies to be effective in every aspect for which it claims to be.

Another herb that does not directly contain hormones but has been used for centuries to stimulate the release of hormones is Maca. Maca is a root like vegetable that looks a lot like a turnip; this root is grown in the Andes Mountains and has been eaten by the Indians there for thousands of years. Maca is not only effective at stabilizing hormones, but it also increases libido and sperm count! Sometimes the body simply needs a break from all the hormone based toxins we breathe in, and ingest on a daily basis. Also, cleansing the liver with herbs can prove beneficial in balancing hormones, and enabling the body to rid itself of all the harmful toxins that have built up over the years.

Fertility Cleanse
One thing that would be beneficial to everyone is to cleanse your body periodically. A Fertility Cleanse is an herbal cleanse that specifically cleanses the liver of excess hormones and helps to cleanse the uterus of old contents. One of the livers responsibilities is to remove the excess estrogen and other hormones out of the body. If the liver is overloaded it may not be able to function at its best which would create an overabundance of estrogen (or other hormones). The herbs in the Fertility Cleanse help the liver to work better and cleanse both toxins and excess hormones.

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