College and University Graduates Should Consider Sales Careers

Finished college or university (or about to graduate) and still don’t know what type of career you want ? If your communications skills are good, then maybe you should consider a career in sales. Okay, before you dismiss this idea, let me expand on this because we are not talking about door to door or even retail sales here. We are talking about a much higher level of sales at the corporate business level.

These high level selling jobs usually require a college or university degree so they are quite respectable positions at companies. Sales people at this professional level are well trained and usually very specialized in their fields. The pharmaceutical sales field is just one such example.

Depending on the industry and company, selling could be done to either consumers in the general public or other businesses. Sales people who deal with the general public include stock brokers, insurance agents and real estate agents. Sales people who sell to businesses include advertising services to companies, equipment and raw material supplies for manufacturers.

Selling can be done on a local territorial basis or even internationally. Think about the sales people who would be responsible for selling airplanes to the world’s airline companies for example. One can appreciate that in order to sell specialized products or services as complex as airplanes, extensive technical training would be required as well as study in sales psychology. This is certainly not an occupation for those without an education or communications skills.

Professional sales people in many fields also act as a consultant for their customers or clients because of their expertise. In fact, part of professional selling is to help customers solve their problems by providing useful solutions to them in the form of either products or services.

The money that professional sales people make is also very respectable with many bringing in six figures per year. After all, major businesses depend on their sales forces to bring in the company’s revenue so the sales representatives are compensated well.

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