Online IT Degree – The Pros And Cons

With the hectic lifestyles of today coupled with the proliferation of the Internet, new ways of pursuing a làm bằng cấp 3 degree has been made possible. You can now enjoy the option of an online degree programme. Online IT Degree programme, otherwise known as Distance Learning Programme, is basically very much like a campus-based programme one will experience in a university. The instruction and the mode of assessment is often exactly the same. Online degrees are legitimate and recognised provided you have selected a reputable school which has proper regional accreditation. There is a significant growing trend of reputable and prestigious schools offering online degrees due to the increasing demand.

One pertinent question that you need to ask when considering an online degree programme is whether the degree is going to be recognised. This is unfortunately one of the cons of getting an online IT degree. There are universities or college whose online degrees are not recognised in Singapore. You will need to be very careful and stringent when selecting a university or college. Some ways to go about doing this is to check the university’s past records, ensure that they have a physical campus and an open office which is responsive to your questions and most importantly, make sure the university has the proper regional accreditation.

Another disadvantage of doing an online IT degree is that it is not suitable for everyone. Pursuing an online degree requires independent learning and self- discipline. Without the push to attend a physical class, some people may lack the motivation to attend the online lectures or the tutorials. Finally, one may also be disadvantaged as you will not be able to gain access to the physical facilities of the university or college. For instance, you will not be able to access special laboratories or a well-stocked library. However in the case of an IT degree, the need to access special labs or a physical library is greatly reduced due to the nature of IT.

There are many pros in getting an online IT degree. First, for the ones who have difficulty travelling due to physical handicaps or illness can now have the opportunity of getting a degree and increase one’s employability at the comfort of your own home. Next, an online degree programme can be more economical than pursuing a degree on campus. Though the tuition fees may not be significantly lower, you will be able to save on transportation, food etc. However, do be careful to check for the full cost or any potential hidden cost when signing up for an online degree. Some colleges do have extra fees chargeable for examinations, or special tutorials. The greatest benefit of an online degree is the flexibility and convenience it gives to those who are currently in the workforce looking to upgrade their qualifications for better promotion prospects. After a day’s work, it will be very exhausting to travel to an evening class. Hence, enrolling in an online degree programme will allow you to attend the lessons and learn at your own timing at your own home.

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