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Should we say forget what you know from the original five-card poker game you learned when first being introduced to the world of the casino? Well, not exactly. Although the the video poker games introduced to the casino floors- not to mention online versions – have placed themselves on the foundations of the original poker rules, casino and online video poker seem to bear less and less resemblance to poker as time moves forward and are beginning to give video poker its own independent form.

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At first glance, the video poker machine (both online and in the casino) will resemble a slot machine much more than the semi-circled green table we’re used to seeing play host to a poker game. Since its first visit into the casinos back in the 1970’s video poker has quickly become the most popular form of coin operated machines offered dominoqq . More recently it has started to enjoy the same success online.

One of the most attractive elements of the online version is the combination of excitement, man against machine action, user-friendliness, and immediate winnings. While online machines offer the players the opportunity to decide how much they choose to wager, these online video poker machine provide that same sense of strategizing and negotiations with oneself so often yearned for by players who miss the land-based casinos.

The only other competitor in an online video poker game is the machine itself. While you the player decide how much to wager and whether to accept the first five cards you were randomly handed, an online machine will often rank your hand for you. In the same hand you have the opportunity of cashing out with a royal flush, or attaining more modest winnings- according to the wager you went with at the game’s onset and the luck of the draw of that particular hand.

All online poker websites allow their players to take notes on each other. By consistently taking notes on other players you are have an advantage over opponent players as in future Sit-N-Go and hands you are bound to come across the same player you previously took note upon. Even in vast casino websites such as Poker Stars, you would notice same players often.

At poker tables you should take notes on the weakest and the best player in order to take advantage of the weak and to stay clear of the best ones. In order to determine upon whom to take notes on, ask yourself these questions: Is the player tight or loose, for instance, does he call on weak hands on preflop or only plays premium hands when he raises? Then determine whether the player is passive or aggressive, for instance, passive players will call bets continuously but aggressive players will bet constantly with nothing on the flop, raises often preflop and plays many draws and is ready to invest chips only to see whether a draw hits.

Then, focus upon that player which defends his blinds by always folding in his blinds to a raise. Take advantage of this when he is the blind by start raising in late position. Take note of which player is winning or losing, this is easy and will separate out the horrible and exceptional players at the table. Notice whether the player bets with on good hands or likes to bluff or check raise. Moreover, check if he plays clear-cut or keeps pulling risky moves like rolling monster hands quietly or trapping other players. Or does he fold with a band hand all the time?

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