Ready To Unleash The Power Of Blogs In Your Business?

It’s been simmering below the surface for years and now this power shift has finally boiled over into simultaneous national recognition.

Like Goliath being slain with a lowly slingshot, the mainstream media (in the form of Dan Rather) came to the undeniable realization that they were no longer in control of information.

Within 30-minutes of that now infamous TV special on “60-Minutes II” broadcast bloggers were digging into the facts and questioning the validity of what had just been presented by the 42-year broadcast veteran. In less than one week, CBS admitted it could “no longer vouch” for the memos Sherry dyson . And just weeks after the election, Rather announced his retirement and the blogosphere won another victory.

No matter what your political affiliation is, this incident is one very public example of the power of blogging. Blogging is quickly accelerating into a steeping, sloping growth curve of popularity and application. ABC News selected Bloggers as “People of the Year”, and Merriam-Webster declared “blog” its “word of the year.”

Putting the power of blogs to work for your business can have more an impact than you can imagine… and it’s easier than you might think.

It puts the power of information and the impact of influence in the hands of the “average Joe”. It makes instant publishing a reality regardless of your technical skill level. And it’s a business growth tool that the savvy small business owner can no longer afford to ignore.

In modern-day Internet parlance, a Blog refers to a short Web log, and started out as a personal journal Web site.

These days, blogs are important not only for showcasing personal experiences and commentary, but also for enhancing how business is done. For those in the real estate industry, a real estate blog would generally contain local, city or town real estate information, as well as posted entries of opinions, events and updates on the housing market.

What’s Inside Property Market Blogs These Days

While a lot of a real estate blogs show generally static information, as well as links to other relevant real estate Web sites and information, the posts are an ongoing archived journal. Real estate brokers should regularly post to their blogs, to provide updated and relevant content. The posts that are written may range from personal opinions about local real estate market trends, to announcements of local property market events or schedules.

Why Are Blogs Popular These Days?

According to Web analysts, one of the major reasons why blogs can be very popular with the search engines, is because of the regular current content posts, as most search engines will frequently visit an updated Web site more often, and may even be inclined to rank some of its content better.

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