Samsung M02 Newest Smartphone – The Samsung M02

The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most sought after smart phones in the world because it packs a lot of features and applications. Being one of the best cell phones Samsung has to offer, the Galaxy S is capable of doing everything Samsung M02 . It can be a personal organizer, a digital camera, a PDA, a gaming device, an Internet browser and so much more. The Galaxy S is equipped with the most powerful processor that is designed specifically for smart phones. This is the reason why Samsung M 02 is one of the hottest products in the market and a must have phone by all Samsung Galaxy S users.

This article will give you a brief rundown of what this device has to offer. Samsung M02 Price: Samsung M02 comes in different variants like model S reviewed here, and TFT model S. Samsung has made sure that each variant comes with its own unique features and functions. When we come to the Samsung M02 price, this device is priced competitively and is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy using a smart phone.

Screen-to-Body Ratio (the viewable area of the Samsung phone on the screen against the body) : There is no difference between Samsung mote version S and the standard version. The body of Samsung device is covered with smooth and shiny material. There are many colors available in Samsung m 02 and you can choose any of them as per your taste. The screen-to-body ratio of Samsung device is not different in the TFT model as the manufacturer assures that there is a noticeable difference.

Hardware: Samsung M02 comes with a sleek and slim design with a five.1 inch capacitive screen that glows bright when it is on. This unit also features a smooth back cover and an elegant front glass panel. Samsung has also used a six.5 inches LCD screen-to-body ratio that makes the Samsung device look appealing. The microSD slot is present which contains an ample space to store more movies and pictures. The rear camera has an LED flash and a 16 megapixel resolution.

The Samsung M02 comes with a two year Samsung limited factory warranty and one year unlimited satellite radio warranty. The phone comes with free Google Maps for life. The Samsung M02 also comes with free OMA Quick Start Kit that includes a free micro SD card, Samsung cradle, Samsung wallpapers, and an installation manual. It also comes with free VOBAX headset and earphones. Apart from all the features and the amazing looks the Samsung M02 also offers you a lot of other benefits.

You can get your favourite songs played instantly without any download process with the help of Samsung Galaxy M 02’s microSD slot. The device also offers you free VOBAX call quality. With all these facilities the Samsung M02 seems to be a perfect mobile phone for those who love entertainment and videos. The Samsung M02 price is around 37 dollars in US stores and it is available in various colors such as grey, blue, red, white, silver and pink. The device is offered by all leading network providers such as T Mobile, Vodafone, Three Mobile, Virgin, Orange, O2, Three and many more.

When it comes to Samsung’s galaxy mote 2.0, this is another unique device which is one of the best selling handsets of all time. With this device you are given the opportunity to enjoy watching your favourite videos and photos on the go. The device comes with a built in S Pen which allows you to take your own pictures and write them on the Samsung Galaxy S. This is one of the biggest selling points of this handset. Users find it very easy to navigate, shoot and upload videos using the built in camera which comes in the S Pen mode. It comes with a memory which is enhanced with the help of the external memory card which comes at a considerably low cost of $20.

The Samsung M02 price is quite high when compared to other mobiles but it offers plenty of features that makes it stand out. The device comes with a huge memory which can store your favourite videos, photos and music. You can also synchronize your contacts, videos and music with the help of the Bluetooth feature and you can also take photos and use them to add to your Facebook account. You can also add your emails and send them from Samsung S Messenger which also supports MSN and Yahoo. You can also take picture and send it to people via the S Note feature which comes along with the Samsung Mote.

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