Who Are You Branding? Brand You!

I receive e-mail after e-mail from multi-level marketers’ every day. I can tell the pros from the amateurs in a very simple way. That is the way they brand themselves. In Network Marketing people connect with people, not the products they represent. When I get an e-mail from networkingwithbill’@’gmail’.com or something like, that I can tell this person is an amateur. Bill is most likely getting started in Network Marketing and is trying to start as cheaply as he can. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using gmail for e-mail in Network Marketing. But, if Bill is trying to present himself as a leader, someone to follow, in Network Marketing he should look at how he is branding himself.

When I receive an e-mail from networkingwithbill’@’gmail’.com in my e-mail I will see the gmail.com as where the e-mail is coming from. Bill is doing a great job at branding gmail, but not himself. When I try to recall this e-mail address at a later date I will have a difficult time remembering this address GoDaddy email login . I know that most people will ask, why would you have to recall it. That is right. I will most likely have deleted it from my inbox. I also see that I would have no interest in getting information from an amateur. He is just getting started in either Network Marketing or Network Marketing on the Internet.

Now if get the same e-mail from bill’@’networkingwithbill’.com I will see this as an e-mail from a professional. He has taken steps to brand himself as a leader in the Network Marketing industry. I think I might want to network with bill at Networkingwithbill’.com. I know I do not want to network with some person at gmail.com. This is not to say that I will not e-mail Bill with offers I have.

If you are serious about branding yourself you need to start by getting an e-mail address that brands you. There are many places on the Internet where you can purchase Domain Names such as networkingwithbill’.com. But the least expensive I have found is godaddy’.com. At godaddy you can get the following types of Domain Names at this time for the following prices: .com – $10.69, .info – $.89, .net – $8.99, .org – $9.99, .me – $9.99, .us – $9.99, .biz – $14.99. These prices are per year. A lot of the domain names can be purchased for lower rates per year when you buy multiple years at one time. Godaddy will also host one e-mail account for you on their e-mail server.

Now that you have branded yourself with your e-mail address the next step is to brand you in all the social networking sites. It can be a bit confusing if you open a Twitter account with Networkingwithbill. That is the professional e-mail address that you chose, not you as a person. Your Twitter account, Facebook account, LinkedIn account should all be branded with your name. Your accounts should all be something like bill_smith if your name is Bill Smith. Then people will know you as a leader and not just your domain or gmail. They will know they are working with Bill Smith at Networking with Bill. You have branded the Internet you.

Are you interested in how much it costs to start your own online business? Then this article is just for you, I will explain how affordable it is to run your own business on the internet.

Tip #1 – Register your domain name from sites such as GoDaddy and try to find coupons that are available on the web. GoDaddy is a fine company that sells domain names and if you intent to do any business on the web then make sure to grab your domain name.

The cost of a domain name is around $8-$9 for one year, this is so cheap and if you plan on doing business on the web, then make sure to buy a domain name and put up a website.

When grabbing a domain name, make sure that it related to your business or niche. If your business is about growing flowers, then make sure to have your keywords in the domain name. This is one of the best ways to market your business, it is straight to the point.

Tip #2 – Register your hosting with HostGator, these guys are the leaders when it comes to online webhosting. Their prices are very affordable, their service is top notch. They make sure that your website is always running 24 hours of the day and this is very important.

many webhosting companies do not offer this type of service, you tend to pay more money and your site is not always online 24 hours a day. HostGator is a wonderful service, they offer so many wonderful tools as well that makes it easy to manage your website.

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