You Should Make a Worm Farm – This is Mother Nature’s GREATEST Ever Garden Fertilizer!

No matter what you may believe, worms can do actually do wonder’s in your garden. They strive to aerate the ground and soil and their excretion or “castings” are a fantastic best humidifier for baby form of garden fertilizer. Although it must be stressed that the common garden worm is not actually suitable for this. You will find numerous people use a red worms or tiger worms in order to make a worm farm. You can of course purchase a ready-made worm farm, but why would you want to spend all that money when you can easily build one yourself.

How to make a worm farm – It should consist of an three or four crates stacked on top of one another. You can choose to make these crates out of wood or plastic or any other type of waterproof material you wish. You would stack the upper crates with household waste such as food that you would normally throw out, or even cat or dog droppings. You can add lawn clippings or even your own hair. Worms will pretty much eat anything you put in front of them. Just think about all the things that you usually throw out at home and you can easily recycle these as worm feed.

Your worms will then work their way up from the lowest crate through the upper levels in order to feed on your waste produce. The beauty in this actually comes from a worm’s droppings or castings. The liquid from the worm castings will work it’s way down and eventually find its way to the lower crate where you can drain off this wonderful organic ingredient. You should always make sure that the upper crates have perforations to allow the worms to wriggle through each one in turn.

Once you have set up and learned how to make a worm farm, maintenance is very, very easy. You will literally need to add further food scraps and waste materials once every few weeks in order to provide food and nutrition for your worms. The castings that they produce are known as one of mother nature’s greatest ever garden fertilisers. Additionally it must be said there is money and a possible decent secondary income to be made from worm farming or composting.

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