Pre-Game Routine Preparation For Peak Performance in Sports

Having a fixed routine in prior to a game or competition is extremely important in striving for peak performance in sports. By having a routine leading up to game time, the athlete is able to minimize any unforeseen circumstances that might affect his psyche for the game, and also allow him to have excellent preparation for the game F95ZONE . In order for routines to be effective, it must be created as a check list, it should be personalized to the athlete within the framework of the team’s preparation, and finally it should be memorized as much as possible.

Equipment Check Basically this is to ensure that all necessary equipment are checked and readied. Make sure that nothing is missing. This should be done twice. Once before you go to sleep, and two, just before you leave home for the game. In an earlier article, I have already expounded on equipment preparation. Please go to my site below and read more about equipment check.

Mental Imagery Practice Mentally preparing for the game is the key to peak performance in sports. Although it is rostered in at activity number 2, really, mental imagery practice should be done as often as possible for the body and mind to internalize all the skill sequences vital for peak performance in sports. As a guide, mentally rehearse your sports skills while going to sleep.

Talk to Team-Mates This can be done once you get to the games venue or school. Huddle up with your pals from the team and start to talk about the big game coming up. Share your preparation the previous day, share your fears and anxiety, discuss about the technical and tactical aspects of the game, and talk about your opponents, and so on. All these basically allow the athletes to loosen themselves and allow the athletes to feel more at ease as game time approaches.

Check on Team Sentiments While chatting up with team-mates, you will also be finding out how the team is doing on game day. Is there anyone emotionally unstable for some reasons? Is there dispute over game plan and strategies? Does the team feel confident or fearful? Team sentiments can affect your play and peak performance in sports tremendously. Imagine if you know that your captain is wreck due to some break-up with his girlfriend that happened the night before. How much confident do you have in your captain in such a case? Surely your game play will be affected.

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