Top Gun Slot Review: Easy to Win in 2021

Is Playtech’s Top Gun slot as exciting as the movie? Read all about Top Gun in this slot review.

You probably know the film by heart. Top Gun, from 1986. With Tom Cruise for the girls and Kelly McGillis for the boys. However, is the slot as fun and as exciting as the blockbuster of the past?. 

Best Top Gun Slot Review

Game developer Playtech, which also develops the online casino, released in 2015 (29 years after the film!) a slot machine that got the same name: Top Gun. 

The soundtrack consists of the catchy song ♫ Take my breath away ♪, which can also be heard in the soundtrack of the film.

1. How Does The Top Gun Work?

Top Gun has five reels with three symbols per reel. There are no fixed paylines – all combinations count criss-cross on the reels from left to right. 

This way you have 3x3x3x3x3=243 possibilities to make a winning combination. This principle is called 243 ways.

The minimum bet is $0.25. The maximum bet is, hold on, $250 per spin.

On the reels you will find the main characters from the film, except Tom Cruise. It will not be allowed on a Scientology slot machine. Furthermore, a bomber jacket and, why not, pilot glasses. The logo counts as wild (joker).

On rolls 1, 3 and 5 there is also a fighter jet. If you play all three, the Danger Zone Free Games will start: 8 free spins.

Then, there’s an extra feature that appears completely randomly while playing: Dogfight Wilds.

While turning the reels, a fighter plane suddenly comes flying in and is going to shoot at your symbols. The hit symbols turn into wilds. A very cool feature – especially if the plane comes back again, when it has already flown away.

There is no limit to the number of jokers that the Dogfight Wilds yield. If you are very lucky, the plane will shoot all your symbols and you will have a screen full of wilds.

Incidentally, the fighter plane comes along extra often during the Danger Zone Free Games, which makes the free spins even more exciting.

2. The Result in The game

We got some results here after doing 1000 spins. 

  • The winnings after 1000 spins at $0,25: $73
  • The 5 highest winnings: $147,25 / $20,- / $10,- / $7,- / $6,60
  • Dogfight Wilds: 14 times (avg. profit $1,71)
  • Danger Zone Free Games: 2 times (avg. win $83,62)
  • Payout percentage (RTP) of Top Gun according to Playtech: 94.93%

In conclusion, the Top Gun slot is a great machine to play. No complicated situations but exciting features, a fantastic soundtrack and you have a chance to win very big with one spin, even with a bet of a quarter. That makes its slot, as far as we are concerned, a top slot.

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