Learn the Secrets on How to Pass the Written and the Flight Exams

The FAA provides all sorts of training material to help the prospective student pass all the exams. The only thing that you have to do is prepare and study the material that is contained in the books. All the questions that the flight examiner will ask you are the same questions that are contained in the study manual. For some people, this may be considered cheating, but as I look at it, knowing the answers will not only help you pass the exams but it will also save your life because you will know what to do in the event of an emergency. The internet is a very valuable tool for the pilot-in-training as you can access all sorts of information on aviation, test prep manuals and other resources Security+ exam .

All the information that you have learned from ground school will be used on the written exam. Once your flight instructor feels that you are ready to take the exam, he or she will sign a simple form authorizing you to take the written exam. The word “written” may frighten some people away because they tend to think that they have to write essays, but in reality, it is nothing more but a series of multiple choice questions.

Take your studies very seriously. I would recommend that you study for at least 8 hours, 5 day a week, memorizing and studying the material and books that are given to you. Start on Monday and go through Thursday, take Friday and Sunday off, resume on Saturday.

] If you feel that you are having trouble with a concept, don’t be scared to ask your instructor questions. They are there to help you in your studies.To help you pass the written and flight exams you will need to:

Pay close attention to everything that your instructor is teaching you. Your instructor, once upon a time, was in the same shoes as you are now. Over the years, they have learned to master the techniques they have learned and develop the skills that help them become good pilots. So pay close attention to your flight instructor when you begin flight school.

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