How to Make a Successful Conference Production

If you’re planning an annual conference, seminar or an awards evening and wish to make sure the event is a success whilst working with an event production company then read this brief guide on how to make a successful conference production. You may want to be hands on when it comes to planning themes, stage design, audio/visual display styles and even the seating and catering aspects of the event, these are all possible as conference production companies welcome client input.

Most event production companies will work along side your company’s creative or marketing team to ensure the conference meets your requirements. This guide includes details about the various elements of what makes a successful conference production, from choosing a venue, planning & design issues through to the video production of your event.

There are many aspects of conference production to consider, though the main areas to focus on are as follows:

  • Venue Selection
  • Planning
  • Stage/Set Design
  • Audio/Visual & Light Production
  • Seating & Catering Facilities
  • Video Recording

If you have considered and made allowances for these key factors within your plan, then your conference should be a success. Please be aware however that the production of a conference takes a great deal of hard work, detailed planning, budgeting and problem solving. This is why the majority of organisations who regularly hold conferences enlist the help of professional event production companies to help and advise them along the way. Some bigger organisations organise their own conferences and even own their own marquees for hospitality events and seminars.

Choosing Conference Venues

When choosing the venue for your conference you need to consider a number of factors which will affect the people attending your event plus the members of staff from your company who will be presenting and managing the visual displays and speeches. You will need to work out the best location for your conference venue, not too far from your company premises and its workforce and not to far from road & rail links for those attending.

If you are inviting people from overseas, then ideally you will want your event venue to be near a major airport for their convenience. The venue must be big enough to 活動製作 seat all your guests, be modern enough to offer reliable wireless networking and fast internet access if required and at the same time must fit within your budget.

Conference Planning & Design

Once you have chosen and booked your event venue, you must begin the planning stage of your conference production. The most essential part of the production is the initial planning, working out in great detail what you are trying to accomplish and what message you want to put across about your organisation. Whether your conference is going to be a small event for a few 50 to 100 members of staff or a much larger event for hundreds of share-holders and delegates planning is key to the success of your conference.

Event promotion companies usually provide you with a project manager to work closely with you and help you plan out all the various elements of your event. By planning out every detail it is easier to avoid ‘hick-ups’ later and gives you more time to resolve problems such as finding and booking caterers, stage hire and video production companies if you wish to record your event.

Conference Stage/Set Design & Production

By working with a conference production company you will be able to create the right impression with eye-catching stage set design and video presentation solutions. Event production companies can either take onboard your own design ideas or create their own suggestions as to how your stage set should look for a particular company.

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