How Much Luggage Are You Allowed to Carry While Traveling in the Indian Railway?

Many passengers are confused as to how much luggage they are allowed to carry while traveling in the Indian railway. Passengers are eligible for a Free Allowance and an extra Marginal Allowance which they can carry in the compartment. Beyond this, there is a maximum ceiling limit for carrying it in the compartment. This maximum ceiling limit is inclusive of the free allowance. In the AC first Class 70 kg is the freely allowed limit; 15 marginal allowance and maximum quantity permitted is 150. In AC 2-Tier Sleeper and First Class free limit is 50 kg; marginal allowance 10; and maximum quantity permitted 100. In AC 3-Tier Sleeper and AC Chair Car free limit 40 kg; marginal allowance 10 handicap placard ; and maximum quantity permitted 40. In Sleeper Class Express/Ordinary freely allowed limit 40 kg; marginal allowance 10; and maximum quantity permitted 80. In Second Class Sleeper/Ordinary free allowance 35 kg; marginal allowance 10; and maximum quantity permitted 70.

While traveling in the Indian railways, you are allowed to carry luggage with you up to the free allowance limit at no extra cost other than your passenger ticket. Offensive, dangerous and explosive articles are not allowed to be carried with you. Prams, Umbrellas, TV sets, Laptop computers and Wheel Chairs for handicapped

passengers are permitted within free allowance. They can be carried in person. However, you cannot carry articles like scooters and cycles free. But orthopaedically handicapped persons have some concessions. They can carry modified scooter and motorized tri-wheeler moped and they can book them in brake-van at 75%

concession provided the orthopaedically handicapped passenger travels in the same train. They have to produce a certificate from a Government Doctor. If your articles exceed the charge-less limit, better reach the Luggage Booking Office 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and get your goods weighed.

Then, about how much luggage you are allowed to carry under the ticket of children. Children aged 5 and below 12 years will be allowed half of the above quantity to the maximum of 50 kg. If you have articles exceeding the charge-less limit, you should book it at the Indian railways booking office, remit the specified amount and

get it endorsed on your ticket for cross-referencing. If you carry unbooked or partially booked goods beyond the free limit, you will be penalized either at the en route stations or at the destination station. If it is within the Marginal Allowance limit, normal luggage rates will be payable subject to a minimum limit of Rs.30. If your articles exceed the Marginal Allowance limit, six times the due amount will be payable after the charge-less limit subject to a minimum limit of Rs.50.

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