Handmade Pink Pearl Jewellery

A very unusual choice of pearl jewellery is pink pearl jewellery. Pink pearls always look fabulous and are such a welcome change from white pearls. The type of pearl which naturally produces these pearls is the freshwater pearl and it can come in different sizes and shapes from round, oval, baroque to the free-flowing uneven shaped pearl called keishis. The pink freshwater pearl being a natural product also comes in a wide range of pink tones from the blue-toned lavender pinks to the warm-toned rosey pinks – so there is a pink tone suitable for everyone’s colouring.

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Pink pearls are one of the most versatile colours in pearl jewellery. They are not only matchable with other pink clothes but look simply fabulous with shades of aubergine, plum, navy the contrast and brown as well as pale blues and greens. Nothing beats the contrast of pale pink with the little black dress, one of the classic colour combinations buy gold in abu dhabi . They also look equally as good on formal as well as informal clothes; they just give that touch of class to any outfit you’ve chosen.

Pink is the traditional colour of romance so when giving a gift, the look on her face when you buy a lady a pink necklace is worth all the extra special thought and consideration. When choosing and looking for this type of pearl it can sometimes be hard to find them, but by searching out quality shops you will find a suitable selection in various price ranges. Also when buying a gift establish whether the recipient is a formal or informal type of person. Round pearls are more formal (and usually silk knotted) and the more uneven shaped pearls like keishis are seen to be more informal. Don’t forget to pop in a pair of earrings to match too! An artisan handmade jeweller can often mix and match a set of jewellery items and make your handmade pearl jewellery just as you want it.

As for price, well pearls can range from the inexpensive to the fabulously expensive. Determine your budget and shop around. Find a vendor who is keen for your enquiry and knows about pearls and makes handmade pearl jewellery. Compare the quality of pearls, grading systems do vary but anything from grade AA and above is a decent quality pearl with a good shiny reflection and shape. Make sure they can be returned if they are not quite as expected – in the UK when shopping online this is a legal right. Pink pearls are often not as totally uniform in colour as white pearls (which are often bleached) but the hallmark of a good pearl necklace is that they are beautifully matched well within the necklace.

Jewellery is often regarded as the ultimate gift that a partner can give. The value and design of a great piece will be treasured and worn with pride – it’s the perfect token of affection. Going one step further and having something custom designed just for her makes for an incredibly thoughtful and unique present.

Designing jewellery is a specialised field that takes a lot of training and talent to excel in. Purchasing a customised piece of jewellery starts at the very beginning by choosing which raw materials are going to be used and ends with a talented artisan working on every specific that goes into turning what you and your jewellery designer have planned together into a reality.

There are plenty of different areas of jewellery design that one can be trained in and a lot of related fields that share skills. A bench jeweller is a designer who, usually, works in a store applying their talents to repairing and fabricating pieces for customers. They may have been trained in any number of specific fields like stonesetting, goldsmithing, fabricating, polishing, forging, wax carving and engraving. Every bench jeweller will be proficient in their own set of skills that will shine through in their work.

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