Tips for Dealing With a Drainage Blockage

A blocked drain is any home owner’s worst nightmare. Blocked drains are serious household emergency that need to be dealt with very quickly so as not to cause even further damage. One of the worst parts about blocked drains is the foul smell they give off. But then just as awful is the thought that the overflow of waste water could seep into your home. If you haven’t got a clue how to unblock the drain you will need to get a drainage engineer to your home as quickly as possible. You can do a Google search for a drainage engineer, but don’t forget to search with the keyword of your nearest town. Search engines analysis text on webpage’s so if the town is on a drainage company website it should be easily found. The cost to unblock drains varies but you should be able to get it cleared for less than £80.

Really prevention is the key. If you follow some simple rules you will avoid blocking drains in the first place. This will save you the stress and worry and also the cost of getting a drainage company out to do it.

With bath and shower plugholes hair is often tangled around the plug hole so regular removal of this hair is a must google scraping. It may appear that there is no hair blocking the hole but if only takes a few invisible strands over the plughole for other hair to catch on below. Just run your fingers over the hole and pull up any hair, you may be surprised at how much is gathering there.

Soap residue is often the culprit of blocked sinks and plug holes. It is a good idea to use disinfectants and hot water to flush the wash basin, bath and shower pipers on a regular basis.

Never put sanitary towels or baby nappies down the toilet as these are prone to clogging up the pipe work. Also small objects like combs can slip down a toilet if they are not carefully put away after use.

In the kitchen be careful of leftover food. So many people are too lazy to scrape their plates clean before they go in the sink and would rather chance it and use a finger to circle the plughole and push leftover food down there. This is pure madness. The time it takes to scrape a plate is nothing compared to the grief you would get if the sink was to get completely blocked. If you don’t compost leftover food, bin it!

Never pour cooked fats down a sink. Cooked fats when exposed to cold water can thicken and solidify. This really is one of the biggest no nos. The best way to get rid of cooked fats is to poor it into an empty milk carton or plastic bottle and put it in the bin. If you really must dispose of fats down a sink always ensure you dilute the fat with hot water and detergent.

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