Japanese Foods – Free Tips on How to Make Them Inside

Japanese foods will always find their way to our cravings. Be it from the simple ball rice to the most intricately formed specialty, Japanese foods will have their place secured in our stomachs 魚生直送. With the mouth-watering taste and the amazing preparation, one may easily think that Japanese foods are difficult to make in one’s own home. But fret not. Here are tips on how to make your own Japanese delights:

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To make the ever-famous sushi, what you will need are: sushi rice, nori seaweed, and the filling of your choice. The rice must be cooked and the seaweed preferably heated to a crisp. Just place the rice on the seaweed then put the filling on top of the rice, at the middle. The filling may be crabmeat, raw fish, avocado, mango, onion, or whatever you prefer. Roll this lightly then slice. You may serve this with different kinds of dips to choose from.

For dumplings, the procedure is basically the same except that you will need gyoza skins and that the filling includes meat. Start with placing the cooked Japanese rice on top of the skin followed by the filling to be placed on the middle of the rice. Fold over the skin in half. Thus, you need not overfill a piece in order to make allowances for the folding of the edges of the skin. This is done to secure the contents inside. Dumplings are usually steamed but may also be fried depending on your preference. Serve with oyster sauce, or what have you.

The tonkatsu or the breaded pork is a favorite as well among the Japanese. These are pork chops or cutlets dusted with flour, dipped in egg then coated with bread crumbs before frying. The bread crumbs ideal for tonkatsu are those larger in size than the common crumbs. These give the crisp feeling after the pork is cooked.

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