Bonuses Are the Secret to Selling Ebooks

Bonuses are the key ingredient to sell ebooks or any other information product (or physical products for that matter). People are looking for the most value from items they buy, and this is particularly true when it comes to information products.

It is evident that there remains an underlying mistrust within the minds of people regarding information products. Does your product actually provide the results you expect? Will I actually achieve the results that your information product claims to deliver? Bonuses can ease those concerns, especially when the benefits of the bonuses are far greater than the worth of the product in itself!

The idea is to include the most bonuses for an amount that is so high that your client thinks, “Even if the PDF e-book is trash, it will be worth the price to get the bonuses!” Of course, you’d like to create a top-quality product, but you also want to impress your customers by offering additional bonuses. What kind of bonus do you provide?

Bonuses can be found in a variety of formats. You can offer free ebooks, videos, special reports or audio files… it’s up to you. The limit is only your imagination. My recommendation is to offer digital bonuses when I market digital products. It’s not sensible to ship physical items when someone buys an ebook or membership website. This adds more burden to your day. If you’re already shipping a physical product If you’re a retailer, by all means add some physical rewards too.

But where do you find top-quality bonuses at affordable prices to you?

The first step to locate the best bonuses is to do Google searching for Free Christian eBooks related to your subject. Simply go to Google and enter “your topic free ebook”. For instance I entered “asthma free ebook” and found a number of ebooks that others wrote. They wanted me to share their work with other people via social media.

The first thing you should do is to read the permission declaration within the eBook to determine whether you are allowed to share the ebook with others. The majority of free ebooks give you permission to share it, but not the right to sell it. This means that you must give it away as a bonus as an additional product, but not included with your information product.

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