Unwanted Hair Removal – The best Ways to Eliminate!

Wherever it is on the body that you need to eliminate hairs – there are lots of ways and means of doing it. I think before we move on though, we can agree that the most used methods of shaving and waxing are very time consuming and don’t always give the best results. I guess from reading this article you will find alternative unwanted hair removal techniques, ones you feel happier about using. The methods of removing unwanted hair we want to hear more about are the ones that liberate our skin of hairs for longer!

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An Expanding Market

With more and more people looking for alternative ways to removing hairs, the market of hair removal systems is booming! The market statistics show that there has been an immense change of heart – consumers throwing out their once essential razors, for hair removal tools such as laser hair treatment and electrolysis techniques. There has been a prominent shift towards those that can give semi-permanent and permanent removal methods. Not only that, but they want to put an end to the pains associated with waxing and tweezing. The best results that unwanted hair removal can give can also be inclusive of a better skin texture.

What Techniques Are Available to you?

Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of different unwanted hair removal and what each one is all about:

Shaving – The one that we are most familiar with, it can be convenient at times and great for emergencies or short vacations. It does have its disadvantages though – who hasn’t had a cut, ingrown hair or a rash from shaving? I don’t see many hands! There is nothing 激光脫毛 worse than stepping out in your swimwear with a rash or a cut that insistently bleeds.
Electrolysis – This has some similarities to laser hair removal and has seen its heyday. As the name would suggest, this technique sends electrical currents to the hair’s follicle, which prevents it from regrowth after a few applications.
Depilatory Creams – After applying the cream to unwanted hair, it dissolves the hair right down to the root and generally the results last longer than shaving, but not so long as hair laser removal. One of the plus sides though, is that it can get in the nooks and crannies where the razor won’t. On the downside, it can cause some sensitive skins to have an allergic reaction – usually as a rash. It can be expensive too if you were to use it for all body hair, which is why people prefer it for smaller areas only.
Laser hair removal – One of the latest innovations for the removal of unwanted hair, this one is gaining popularity at an alarming rate. This is classification as a permanent hair reduction procedure, it can take a few times before the hair’s growth is completely stopped. Any hairs that do grow back will be lighter in color and weaker – quite the opposite of shaving which tends to make hairs come back darker and bristly!
Unwanted hair removal comes in many shapes and forms, but some stand out as being the better option with longer lasting results, such as the laser treatments. Speaking of which, there exists more than one type of laser hair removal – many being formulated to suit different skin pigments and hair colors. Using laser is the new and efficient way for unwanted hair removal- so there is no excuse to be left a hairy Mary!

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