A Little More About an RCA Splitter

An RCA splitter is a device that is used mainly to split the optical power that is carried by a single input fiber into two separate output fibers. To the ordinary eyes and everyday routine life, this is the normal box that comes attached with cables to hook onto electronic devices to get them started. This particular said function of the RCA splitter is used by service providers to send content from one fiber to a multi-point structure that can be used by many subscribers at the same time. The result of this is that costs are easily reduced of any project going on, because things are done easily and efficiently. In connection with this, many RCA splitters are designed in such fiber splitter a way that they can be arranged in a fashion that is either centralized, single or even a multi-cascade configuration. It is important that the optical splitter loss is reduced to a minimum because some networks tend to be passive in nature.

How it Works

What happens is that power is fed into a conductor at the branching end of the RCA splitter and then distributed unevenly between the respective conductor track sections. In the optical splitter, the receiving ends are connected to these conductor sections and are at a far distance from the transmitting unit.

The Most Common Type

It is important to mention that the most popular type of these splitters is RCA splitter connector. This is a type of electrical connector used to carry audio and video feeds. These are colors coded to make things simpler; yellow for composite video, red for the right channel, and either white or black for the left channel of the stereo audio. This trio of jacks can be found on the back of almost all-audio and video equipment. Modern television sets all have them even on the front in order that camcorders can be easily connected to the television when required.

Although the RCA splitter connector is extremely useful, it does have certain disadvantages. For one thing, when you connect the male jack into the female jack, the inner connection is made before the screening connection can be guaranteed. This could damage the equipment if it had not been switched off beforehand. In addition to this, every signal needs its own plug. This only leads to a mess of too many cables and too much confusion of what goes where.

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